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Tales from the Grateful Runner...

This coming Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend, 8,000 runners will gather at the Seaport Hotel in Boston for the Run to Remember Half-Marathon. With a week to go before the race, now is the time to really focus on your mental preparation. While you won’t experience any significant gains or losses in your physical conditioning, your mental conditioning can be significantly influenced.

Here are a few mental tips for you to practice throughout the week:

  • Identify your true purpose for running the race as this will serve as your motivation to keep you moving throughout the 13.1 miles

  • Check out the course map to become more familiar with the route

  • Visualize yourself running the course in a strong and efficient manner

  • Develop a positive mantra you can use if things get challenging on race day

  • Focus on all the positive aspects of your training and why you will have a great race

  • Enjoy the moment – take pride in your accomplishments and have a Grateful Run

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